Evaluate Your Cyber Security: Tools and Techniques

Cybersecurity Expert, Tom Stamulis, will demonstrate how businesses can do a vulnerability assessment. Tom will share some free online tools and techniques for businesses to do a self evaluation of their cyber risk and security. Businesses will learn how to set firewalls, lock-outs, testing website security, and more.

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Securing Your Assets

We will be talking about why it is important for you to secure your sensitive information.  Like your life insurance and will, you need to secure your passwords safely.  We are going to talk about securing this information and how to talk with your family.  We will also cover Anti-Virus software and other tools to

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Mobility and Safety

Do you have a Smartphone?  Do you your kids?  If so, this is going to be a great discussion on some best practices for securing your devices and to build some healthy habits.  While we will discuss some of the dangers, the purpose is to give parents some practical tools and how to discuss mobile

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