Connecting Every Generation

Collegiate Ambassadors

With 5 major universities in the region, our Collegiate Ambassadors serve as part of helping us think outside of the box while making a difference in our community.  The CA program is helping us shape our business community through technology and social innovation.

Leading Today. Investing in Tomorrow

The Collegiate Ambassadors (CA) are essential to growing and strengthening our community and member base.  These rockstars know the value of being part of an association that brings companies together around technology, and can help new CA members familiarize themselves with the benefits of membership.

This group also serves to inspire budding technology entrepreneurs and professionals within the K-12 community. Through this mentorship, we are continuing to drive innovative ideas that will help our student community to reach for the stars. If you have a passion for technology and making a difference, and you know that you can be a leader that helps others, we want YOU!

Let’s do great things

Join us, and together we can bring innovative and lasting change our communities. Who knows, what we start here might change the world.

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