Virginia's Region 2000: A Continuum of Technology Growth (new video)

On the evening of May 17, 2011 at our 10th Annual Awards Night and Banquet we called together the regional technology community to celebrate with us the past, present and future of technology in Virginia’s Region 2000- the 2000 square miles in and around Lynchburg. It was an incredible evening as we looked back on what we have collectively accomplished, reaffirmed the need for collaboration, and set the stage for a new spirit of entrepreneurship for the days ahead (big thanks to entrepreneur Cameron Johnson for his keynote address).

As a part of our evening we premiered a powerful, short documentary video produced by outstanding talent, Devin Olson of Devin Olson Media that sums up the Region 2000 Technology Council’s past ten years and it’s impact on the wider community. It was deeply inspiring and we know many of you are eager to watch it again and share it with others. Here is the video: ‘Virginia’s Region 2000: A Continuum of Technology Growth‘. Enjoy!

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