Jonathan Whitt

Jonathan Whitt, Region 2000 Technology Council Executive Director

Our Executive Director, Jonathan Whitt, has been busy out in the community spreading the word about our region’s varied technology strategies and initiatives as well as tech trends that are shaping the future:

“Technology Council Executive Director Jonathan Whitt has been traveling the speakers’ circuit over the last few weeks, reinforcing the importance of STEM education, workforce development, and entrepreneurship while outlining Region 2000 models.

Opening Centra’s Technology and eLearning Conference on October 25, Whitt took a tongue in cheek look at the changes in medical technology over the years and explored where we’re headed in the future with further technology developing at a rapid pace. He stressed the importance of having an agile, transitional workforce, which included an excerpt from Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go.

Later that week, Whitt joined a panel discussion at the 2011 Virginia Business Incubation Association Conference on Economic Gardening in Roanoke and shared the story of how the Technology Council has built a strong technology-focused network that supports entrepreneurship.

Whitt’s final engagement culminated with the Governor’s 2nd Annual Forum on Education and Workforce Training on November 2. Again, Whitt explained our Region 2000 models and showed the correlation in preparing our young people for STEM-focused post-secondary education and career opportunities. With 80% of jobs in the next decade requiring some knowledge of science, math or technology, Whitt showed how we are preparing our children for the future.”

(Thanks to Catherine Mosley, the new Communications Officer/Program Manager of the Region 2000 Partnership for this brief report.)

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