TechEDGE 2013 - Lynchburg, Virginia

TechEDGE 2013 – Lynchburg, Virginia

Last year we launched TechEDGE – the premiere regional technology conference in the Lynchburg area. Power-packed with a myriad of leaders and excerpts in their field – from the worlds of business, education, non-profits, and government – with insights into how technology is driving change that effects us all. Combined with our annual technology awards, TechEDGE was the continuation of our efforts to highlight the best and brightest in the regional technology community and beyond.

This year we are doing it all again with TechEDGE 2013! Don’t miss the biggest…and only convergence of technology movers and shakers in our region on May 23, 2013 at the Holiday Inn on Main Street in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Save the date, spread the word and be looking for details in the coming weeks right here on the Region 2000 Technology Council website.

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