TechEDGE 2012

TechEDGE 2012, in Lynchburg, Virginia, was a huge success

The Tech Council’s new regional technology conference, TechEDGE, which took place May 15th in downtown Lynchburg, was a huge success. A diverse crowd filled the room as 14 speakers gave brief presentations throughout the day on the intersection of technology with business and education. Each session was followed by a regional technology award which continued in the tradition of our annual awards night which we have held for the past ten years. The day ended with member exhibits and a time of extended networking. Thank you to everyone who came out and participated. We look forward to an even better conference next year at TechEDGE 2013.

TechEDGE 2012 in the news:

TechEdge: 2012 Honors Area Technology Leaders:

“When most people think of the Lynchburg area, few likely think of it first as being a hub of technology. But that is exactly what Region 2000—the area that encompasses the 2,000 square miles that surround Lynchburg—is striving to become. Every year, the Virginia’s Region 2000 Technology Council recognizes the outstanding technology-driven companies in the area with a night of awards and recognitions.

This year, that award ceremony got a facelift. On May 15, the Council hosted “TechEdge: 2012”, an innovative conference that took the place of the annual Awards Night and Gala, which they have hosted for the past 10 years…

…The theme for the conference, “Shaping the Future of Virginia’s Region 2000” applied focus to the formative role technology plays in local business and education. The event was held at the Holiday Inn in downtown Lynchburg from 1 to 8 p.m. There were four different sessions throughout the day and each session featured at least three speakers and one award. The afternoon was opened by Cathie Brown, President of the Region 2000 Technology Council…” (Continue reading at Lynchburg Business Magazine or read the print magazine online.)

TechEDGE Recognizes Technology Leaders:

“The Region 2000 Technology Council handed out awards Tuesday night as part of its first conference, called TechEDGE. The council had previously handed out awards yearly since 2004, changed the presentation from a banquet to a conference to provide opportunities to learn about leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. The conference featured 14 different speakers throughout the day. The award winners are…” (Continue reading at: Work It Lynchburg)

Region 2000 Holds Technology Conference:

“Educators, business leaders, government officials and others gathered in downtown Lynchburg on Tuesday to talk technology. The Region 2000 Technology Council held its TechEDGE conference on how to use technology in business, education and more. About 170 people registered for the conference, which featured panels of 14 speakers on leadership, Science Technology Engineering and Math education and workforce development, entrepreneurship and innovation. This was the first year of TechEDGE conference. In the past, the council held an awards banquet…” (Continue reading at WSLS 10 or News & Advance)

Conference Highlights Importance of Lynchburg’s Technology Workforce:

“Lynchburg’s job market is fairing better than most, thanks to the presence of technology jobs. That’s the message from the Region 2000 Technology Council.  They hosted a conference Tuesday afternoon called “Tech Edge 2012,” celebrating the growth of high-tech and research-based jobs in our area…” (Continue reading at WDBJ 7)

And if you missed pre-conference media coverage, here is a highlight from WLNI (interview with our Executive Director, Jonathan Whitt) and a mention in the News & Advance of our transition to an expanded, conference format after 10 years of hosting our annual Awards Night.

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