TechEDGE 2012 in Lynchburg Business Magazine

TechEDGE 2012 in Lynchburg Business Magazine

Our new regional conference, TechEDGE, was recently featured in Lynchburg Business Magazine. A big thanks to LBM for a great write up:

“TechEdge: 2012 Honors Area Technology Leaders

When most people think of the Lynchburg area, few likely think of it first as being a hub of technology. But that is exactly what Region 2000—the area that encompasses the 2,000 square miles that surround Lynchburg—is striving to become. Every year, the Virginia’s Region 2000 Technology Council recognizes the outstanding technology-driven companies in the area with a night of awards and recognitions.

This year, that award ceremony got a facelift. On May 15, the Council hosted “TechEdge: 2012”, an innovative conference that took the place of the annual Awards Night and Gala, which they have hosted for the past 10 years.

“[The conference] combined the awards with themed panel presentations from regional technology leaders throughout the day, culminating in a massive business networking event in the evening,” Catherine Mosley, Communications Officer and Program Manager for Region 2000, said.

The conference offered attendees quality content from a variety of speakers from local schools and businesses as well as excellent networking opportunities without having to travel to a major market like Washington, D.C.

“Our target audience was the technology community, those that connect with the mission to grow technology based enterprises in Region 2000,” Jonathan Whitt, Executive Director of Region 2000‘s Technology Council, said. “Individuals that connect with our community span industry, education, nonprofit and the governmental sectors. From seasoned business executives and college presidents to start-up entrepreneurs, our audience included those that wanted a better grasp on the theme of our conference.”

The theme for the conference, “Shaping the Future of Virginia’s Region 2000” applied focus to the formative role technology plays in local business and education. The event was held at the Holiday Inn in downtown Lynchburg from 1 to 8 p.m. There were four different sessions throughout the day and each session featured at least three speakers and one award. The afternoon was opened by Cathie Brown, President of the Region 2000 Technology Council.

Immediately following was the Leadership session, during which speakers discussed their plans for growth and the challenges ahead. During this session, the award for Technology Company of the Year was presented to the Harris Corporation, an international communications and information technology company that has a division in Lynchburg.

Next, the Entrepreneur session provided information about the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Region 2000 and awarded Mark Sisson and Dennis Hackemeyer of NanoTouch, a company that develops and sells antimicrobial surfaces, with the Entrepreneur of the Year award. The third session’s theme was STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Education and Workforce Development. The Educator of the Year award was given to David Childress, the IT Director at Amherst County Schools, during this session.

Finally, the Innovation Session gave speakers the chance to discuss all the changes and the latest trends taking place across businesses in our region. The Innovator of the Year award went to CMAT Container, a company that makes a container that fits on top of a bottle and releases vacuum sealed ingredients inside a beverage. Following this last session was a networking reception.

The event was a huge success and the organization was pleased with the results…”

(Continue reading at Lynchburg Business Magazine or view the print magazine online.)


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