Jonathan Whitt in Work It Lynchburg

Executive Director of the Region 2000 Tech Council, Jonathan Whitt in Work It Lynchburg

Our own Executive Director, Jonathan Whitt has recently been featured in the local business news website ‘Work It, Lynchburg’:

Tell us the basics: Who are you, what’s your company’s name, and how long have you been at this company?
Jonathan Whitt is the Executive Director of the Region 2000 Technology Council, a position he has held since 2003.

Describe your business — what do you do?
I work closely with Technology Council members; representatives from the region’s schools, colleges and universities; and representatives of local, state, and federal government to assist and champion initiatives that bring value to the Council’s members and the citizens of Region 2000. I’ve been able to assist in the development of several high-profile regional technology-based economic development projects, including the creation of the Region 2000 Partnership, the Center for Advanced Engineering and Research and the Future Focus Foundation.

How did you get into this business?
I was serving on the Board of Directors prior to taking the position. I had just sold my company and the Board asked if I would spend a few hours a month putting a structure to our volunteer organization and providing leadership for its future. I agreed to do so until I decided what I would like to pursue next. That was almost nine years ago.

What’s the market like for your business? Local and national/international.
The role technology has played in business and our personal lives has changed greatly over the past decade. That trend shows no sign of slowing down. You will be using technological advances a decade from now in your daily life that have yet to be invented. It’s this constant state of change that keeps me and our organization very busy.”

(Read the rest of the interview at: ‘Work It, Lynchburg‘)

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