Region 2000 Technology Council of Lynchburg, Virginia

2012 Milestones and 2013 Workplan

The Region 2000 Technology Council had a very successful year, working towards our vision that Virginia’s Region 2000 will be recognized as a place where technology-focused organizations thrive, STEM educational programs flourish, and where innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship are championed.

Our 2012 Milestones Include:

  • Held our 11th annual awards celebration and launched a new format for our annual B2B meeting. Our largest ever, TechEDGE 2012 was a great success with four separate sessions, 16 speakers, with exhibitors and attendees totaling more than 250 people.
  • Held numerous networking and knowledge events such as Wired Wednesday, Tech@Breakfast, CIO Roundtables, B2B Roundtables, IT Director’s Roundtables, Specialty Seminars, and Open Networking Events.
  • Worked with partner organizations such as Virginia’s CIT to expand programs and services of benefit to the region’s technology sector.
  • Participated in several high profile events around the Commonwealth that brought visibility and awareness to the region’s growing technology community such as the Governor’s Workforce Conference.
  • Worked closely with Region 2000 Partners to further the region’s Technology Based Economic Development growth plan and to launch discussions on the strategic future of the Region 2000 Partnership.
  • Consulted with numerous high growth technology companies in the region, offering connections to networks, capital access, and marketing assistance.
  • Expanded STEM educational and workforce programs through our educational foundation, the Future Focus Foundation with program growth across the board in programs such as Jr. FIRST LEGO League, FIRST LEGO League, and VEX Robotics.
  • Supported numerous other STEM programs in the region such as Summer Academies, Technology Fair, and Science Fest.
  • Worked in conjunction with the Region 2000 WIB to promote and expand their R2 Program, offering new programs to the community’s at-risk youth.
  • Successfully worked with the area’s pubic schools and business stakeholders to bring about the creation of a regional Governor’s STEM Academy for area high school juniors and seniors. The STEM Academy will open in the fall of 2013 for college and career bound youth seeking employment in the fields of engineering, mechatronics, and biomedical health science.

Our 2013 Work Program Includes:


To foster an environment that stimulates innovation and growth of technology-focused organizations in Virginia’s Region 2000.

Focus Areas

  • Promote the development, growth, and recognition of the region’s technology-focused organizations.
  • Provide a forum in which technology-focused organizations can exchange ideas and information, and capitalize on business opportunities.
  • Deliver programs and services that promote the recognition of and provide substantial value to the Council’s members.
  • Participate in activities to drive visibility and awareness of the Region 2000 Technology Council, its members, and the region to other regions within the state.
  • Serve as an advocate for the Region on a broad range of technology issues at the local and state level.
  • Provide assistance to local economic developers in the recruitment of new technology companies and the development of programs that enhance services to existing companies.
  • Create an environment and sustainable programs in the region’s K-12 schools that enhance Science, Technology, Engineering and Math career choices.
  • Facilitate the growth of services within the region that support technology-focused entrepreneurship and create an environment that champions entrepreneurial success.


  • TechEDGE 2013 (May)
  • Wired Wednesday (3)
  • Tech@Breakfast (2)
  • LinkedIn Live BBQ (August)
  • Lunch & Learn – Topical (2)
  • Open Networking Events (2)
  • CIO Roundtables (2)
  • Founders Readiness Express Workshop (February)
  • Christmas Luncheon and Annual Meeting (December)

Major Initiatives

  • XLR8 Lynchburg Regional Governor’s STEM Academy – continue process of standing up this academy, to include: general fund raising, building relationships between business and industry and the region’s schools, curriculum and training program development, marketing and communications, outfitting labs and equipment acquisition, developing board members and other strategic partners, positioning the academy for self-sufficiency.
  • Region 2000 Partnership – continue process of strategic planning and discussions that will ultimately lead to what the Partnership will become, that allows for win-win partnerships and financial sustainability, such that it benefits both the public and private stakeholders in Region 2000.
  • General Fundraising – increase membership and corporate sponsorships in the Technology Council to a level that supports the budget needs for FY2013 and positions the organization for healthy growth in future years.
  • Continue the growth of the Future Focus Foundation and all STEM Programs. Please see for details.
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