Virginia's Region 2000 Higher Education entrepreneurship initiative

Dr. Erik Pages joins Wes Fugate and President John Klein from Randolph College in listening to fellow college representatives speak about entrepreneurial initiatives on their campuses. (Photo source: Region 2000 EDC)

“Region 2000 Partnership entrepreneurship study, Building a More Entrepreneurial Region 2000, pointed out that the region’s colleges and universities are a major untapped resource that can play a central role in building a more entrepreneur-friendly region. Many of the schools are already developing programs to foster entrepreneurship as a career choice.

The first of a series of four meetings with our six colleges and universities was held February 2, the morning after the study presentation. Goals of these collaborative meetings will be to do the following:

  • Identify and catalog entrepreneurship activities and aspirations.
  • Incorporate “best fit” national and international best practices.
  • Develop target areas of collaboration.
  • Prioritize a list of individual and cross-campus pilot projects for implementation for next 3+ academic years.
  • Responsive to the source of project grant funds from the Virginia Community College System develop a workforce project for CVCC aligned with its regional workforce development role.
  • Identify and develop measurements for potential business investment and job creation for the region’s economy resulting from the initiative.”

(Source: Virginia’s Region 2000 Partnership)

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