Member Spotlight: Lumos Networks

October Member Spotlight: Lumos Networks

This month’s Member Spotlight features the newly formed Lumos Networks – a new publicly traded company that emerged from the combining of nTelos Wireline and FiberNet. As Lumos focuses on fiber-based services in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing leading-edge data, broadband, voice and IP services, nTelos Wireless will remain a major player in regional and national wireless services.

We spoke with Dan Overstreet, Director of Sales for Lumos Networks, and his team to find out about industry trends and what we can expect from their new focus.

Tech Council: Tell us a little about your company.

Lumos: Lumos Networks is the new name for a company with a long tradition of quality service. While our name has changed, our commitment to our customers and to pursuing progressive technologies remains the same. Lumos Networks is a fiber-based service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region. We provide leading-edge data, broadband, voice and IP services to carrier, business and residential customers over a dense fiber network offering data, voice and IP services. We follow a strategy of being first to our regional markets with technology and services first introduced in metropolitan areas by national service providers. Lumos Networks delivers  communications services with excellence, innovation, and integrity.

Lumos Networks is headquartered in Waynesboro, VA, and serves Virginia, West Virginia and portions of Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, and Maryland.

Tech Council: What do you see trending in your industry?

Lumos: More and more companies are relying upon web based applications thus bandwidth needs are increasing. The medical industry is especially high users transmitting patient records. Technology is allowing rural areas access to medical services that in the past would require them to come to a major facility in the City.

Tech Council: What is your specialty?

Lumos: Lumos Networks has a hundred-year history of innovative product offerings and exceptional customer service. Our product offerings include high-speed transport, wavelengths and Metro Ethernet. Our diversified portfolio is attractive to carriers with needs for transport and fiber to the cell site and to regional enterprise customers seeking high-quality data and IP services and interconnection to data centers in our region.

Lumos Networks offers a complete suite of data and voice products for businesses supported by approximately 5,800 fiber-route miles in Virginia, West Virginia, and portions of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and Kentucky. We use an on-network service strategy that ensures redundancy and reliability. High-quality SONET, IP and Ethernet network architectures satisfy the most complex communication needs.

Tech Council: How has your industry changed in the last year or two?

Lumos: Voice over IP is very popular. It allows more flexibility and efficiency for customers. Fewer businesses use traditional TDM type voice services. Over the past few years more and more companies, municipalities and organizations are creating disaster recovery plans and incorporating survivability in their networks. 9/11, weather related disasters and the recent earthquake have brought more emphasis on continuing to do business no matter what happens. Lumos Networks is an expert in building customer networks that are redundant and reliable.

Tech Council: What do you like about living and working in Region 2000?

Lumos: There is an atmosphere of “partnering” among the localities and businesses. The success of the organization itself speaks to that. I was on a conference call recently with Senator Mark Warner and later met with one of his Aids. He made a point of telling me how impressed they are with our Technology Council. Our programs and initiatives are not going unnoticed by Washington and Richmond. The work we are doing to promote STEM education is truly making a difference within the region. We should be proud of that.

Tech Council: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

Lumos: The separation of nTelos Wireless and nTelos Wireline, which creates Lumos Networks will allow us to create a stronger identity for our wireline business– data, broadband, voice, and IP services. We are very excited about this change and the tremendous opportunities it presents for our customers, the communities we serve and our employees.

Our new brand not only represents a tradition of providing leading technology to those we serve, it also demonstrates our commitment to the investments in our people, our network and our technologies to lead the way to a brighter future

The Lumos Networks team understands that long-term customer relationships, reliability and accountability are foundations for our success. We are committed to local relationships and measure our performance by the prosperity of our communities and the business success of our customers. We live and work in the areas where you do business. Lumos Networks engineers, service technicians and customer advocates work side-by-side with your business to provide customized network solutions
and implementation support. We listen. We care. We are trusted advisors.


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