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(An interview with Parker Pearson, Vice President – Marketing & Business Development)

R2KTC: Tell us a little bit about Advanced Logic

ALI: Advanced Logic is an IT services company providing IT products, support, integration and software development solutions in Virginia and beyond. We specialize in a few specific technologies in addition to providing software and hardware. Our solutions can be seen solving problems like:

  • How to save energy and money with Virtualization technology.
  • Helping companies leverage new communications technologies like conferencing via the web, accessing their business via smartphones and wireless devices (iPad for example). These solutions help companies respond faster, be more competitive, lower travel expenses and engage workers and clients with personal technology.
  • Helping companies pull better decision making data so they can monitor their business performance metrics in real time with faster decisions.
  • Deploying collaboration solutions that help companies get their employees communicating and working together in real time with people anywhere, anytime. It helps them preserve knowledge assets and be more competitive.
  • Managing network support for clients who would prefer to focus their resources and time on their core business and proactively plan and manage IT expenditures.

This year will mark our 20th year in business, a milestone for sure in an industry that is not much older than that! We have roughly 32 full time employees plus another 20 some contract employees providing a variety of services for clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Our clients vary widely in size, scope of need and geography. Some rely on us for special projects where expertise and additional resources are needed. Others rely on us on a regular basis. We have particular expertise in the Financial/Insurance, Academic, Government, and Commercial verticals. As a minority owned and Hubzone certified business, we are also moving into more business with the Federal Government.

R2KTC: What are the key trends you are seeing in IT?

ALI: For the types of project we work on, we are seeing three major trends: Virtualization, Collaboration and Mobility.

  • Virtualization: This technology enables organizations to run more services and applications on less equipment saving on support, hardware and power consumption. Not only can servers be virtualized, but desktops and also applications. It enables companies to achieve significant IT cost reductions, something that no organization can afford to overlook. In addition to the cost savings opportunities, virtualization enables organizations to roll out applications faster with fewer complications.
  • Collaboration: As companies pared down their staffing over the past few years, the reality is that today’s workforce is leaner with a greater need to work closely with people in distant locations and outside the home network. The need has really increased to Advanced Logic stafforganize, store and share information. Executives want faster, streamlined access to the key performance metrics for their organization and key projects. Additionally, more people need to be able to use web-based technologies for meetings, as well as being able to be accessible through the whole range of communications technologies currently in use: from instant messaging to single number reach with voicemail accessible from all devices. Collaboration technology is not a “nice to have” it is now a means to manage knowledge assets and speed responsiveness to close new business, driving more business to the bottom line along with cost savings.
  • Mobility: No doubt the iPad and smartphones are having a significant impact on how people expect to use technology in all areas of their work and personal lives. Making it possible for people to access the full spectrum of applications and services to run their lives while moving through a variety of access methods are a growing challenge for today’s businesses. With the introduction of popular lightweight tablet devices, we expect to see a lot of growth in the area of secure high performance web-accessible applications.

R2KTC: What do you like about Region 2000?

ALI: Advanced Logic was founded because it was believed that organizations in this part of Virginia would have a need for good local IT services, and not have to bring them in from the major metropolitan areas. The region provides a wonderful quality of life that is very attractive to our employees. Often people are really surprised that they can find great technology jobs without being in a major market. We have had people relocate from major metro areas who want to keep developing their career in an environment that is more conducive to raising families and enjoying all that Region 2000 has to offer.

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