VEX Robotics hosted by Liberty University

The regional VEX Robotics competition is hosted by Liberty University each year

VEX Robotics is a key component to the Future Focus Foundation‘s “Region 2000 Robotics Continuum,” a series of regional level robotic programs and events that involve youth ages 6-18. The robotic’s continuum includes Jr.
FIRST Lego League (6-8 yrs), FIRST Lego League (9-14 yrs) and VEX Robotics (ages 14-18). Liberty University hosts the Regional VEX Robotics competition each spring which was recently featured in the following

“Through events like the VEX Robotics competition, which has drawn as many as 400 high school students from across the eastern United States, Liberty University is seeking to encourage interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (commonly referred to as STEM) and is promoting its young, yet booming School of Engineering and Computational Sciences.

“The number of students in engineering and technology programs have been declining for years,” said Scott Pleasants, director of Engineering Technology at Liberty. “It is important to our nation that we help educate and to foster interest in these areas.”

About 300 high school students participated in the regional VEX Robotics competition at Liberty Christian Academy on March 3, hosted by the School of Engineering and Computational Sciences.

A total of 32 teams participated in the event, which included a homeschool team that went on to place 16th in their division at the world championships in Anaheim, Calif. LCA had two teams compete.

Liberty awarded $12,000 in scholarships at the competition. Additionally, approximately $40,000 worth of awards was given out by sponsors, including the U.S. Army, Cisco, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard Co. and engineering firms like Areva, B&W, AMTI, Innovative Wireless Technologies Inc., Simventions and Virginia’s Region 2000 Technology Council. One student received a free week at Space Camp.

“What is really amazing is that these types of programs not only help to ignite that interest in STEM, but it also helps us to show the young people that Liberty University is at the forefront of technology and that we are impacting the world for Christ,” Pleasants said…” (Continue reading at YAHOO News)

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