Future Focus Foundation website launch

new Future Focus Foundation website and STEM network launches!

The Region 2000 Technology Council’s Future Focus Foundation has taken its engagement with the regional community to a higher level through the launch of a new website.  The new website is dedicated not only to the Foundation’s own events, but will also include updates on other regional STEM programming opportunities for K-12 youth.  The website’s simple layout was carefully selected with a responsive design that makes it easily accessible to all computers and especially mobile devices.

The site also includes a blog and a page dedicated to helping viewers register for the the new “Virginia’s Region 2000 STEM Network.”  The online STEM network offers the opportunity for local educators, parents, and industry professionals interested in STEM education to interact in a web-based community forum.

Elizabeth Narehood, Managing Director of the Future Focus Foundation, had this to say about the new website, “The new Future Focus Foundation website is a wonderful addition that will raise the visibility of the Foundation and the STEM education initiatives across the region.  The site is a great medium for us to share our numerous stories and impacts with the community.  The website also offers explanation on how someone can become a part of the Region 2000 STEM Network, a private network for sharing STEM ideas, stories, and events.  I encourage anyone interested in STEM education to join the network, sign up for our newsletter, and if you are on Facebook, Twitter, or You Tube please check out our new social media channels!”

The Future Focus Foundation website  can be viewed at: www.FutureFocusFoundation.us

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