Future Focus Foundation new logo

Managing Director Elizabeth Narehood with the new Future Focus Foundation logo.

Our education foundation, the Future Focus Foundation recently unveiled a new visual identity as our new director takes the helm.

“All in all we are seeking to inspire the spark of science and technology innovation in students and guide them towards becoming ‘rising stars’ in their own right,” says the Tech Council’s Marketing Technologist and logo creator Jason Fowler. “I tried to portray this visually in an abstract way. With the hiring of Elizabeth as the new Managing Director, this new visual identity for the Foundation is a fresh face to a fresh start. And this fresh start springs out of critical self-evaluation and a renewed clarification of purpose as an organization.”

Elizabeth Narehood, the new Managing Director for the Future Focus Foundation (http://www.techcouncil.us/future-focus-foundation/ or www.futurefocusfoundation.us), started work in November. The education foundation of the Region 2000 Technology Council, the Future Focus Foundation was developed to sustain and expand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) educational opportunities for youth in grades K-12 in Virginia’s Region 2000, both through the public education system and community involvement. The foundation’s programs build a solid platform for future sustainability and ensure that all area youth have knowledge of STEM careers and exposure to the underlying skills and thought processes necessary for success in these careers.

See the official press release embedded below, view or download it here or view the simple version from our website.

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