Future Focus EXPO

Future Focus EXPO

Future Focus Expo, the popular career exploration event begun in 2006 by the Region 2000 Technology Council has been discontinued due to lack of a suitable venue. Ongoing construction projects at Liberty University have changed the availability of Tolsma Track, the Expo location used in past years. Future Focus Expo requires a large meeting space with adequate parking and easily accessible roads to handle students being bussed from multiple counties to attend the event.

Region 2000 Technology Council Executive Director, Jonathan Whitt the founder of the event, stated:

“Technology Council staff and the Future Focus Foundation Board did not take the decision to cancel Future Focus Expo lightly as we have seen the positive impacts of this event across the region. Plans to host the event again have been up in the air ever since our last Expo and we wanted to let our area business know about this decision. We have explored many options and to be honest had already reached the limit in the number of participants able to attend the event. The unavailability of a venue and the already present need to reach more students, has helped us begin to reframe our thinking.

Connecting the technology community and STEM education are integral to the Tech Council and Future Focus Foundation’s missions. Although we are unable to offer the Future Focus Expo in a format similar to what was seen in the past, we will continue work in finding new methods of connecting industry and education. The Tech Council and Future Focus Foundation have already begun working on initiatives that will provide in-depth exploratory STEM experiences to develop our students’ passions and build our future industry leaders. I encourage area businesses that have been faithful supporters of the Future Focus Expo to join with us in embracing new opportunities to make a difference in our region.”

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