Edison2 unveils electric Very Light Car

Edison2 unveils electric Very Light Car (image source: Edison2)

Oliver Kuttner and the Edison2 team (right here in Lynchburg, Virginia) are again riding the edge of the automotive future with their newly revealed electric version of the X-Prize winning Very Light Car, dubbed the eVLC.

“On the heels of Audi unveiling its Urban Concept, Opel showing off its RAK e concept and Volkswagen pulling the sheets off its Nils concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Edison2 has revealed an electric version of the X-Prize-winning Very Light Car.

Called the eVLC, Edison2 says its electric concept packs a 10-kWh battery pack, is “supremely aerodynamic” and carries not one, not two, but four passengers in relative comfort. Edison2 says that its eVLC concept is far more efficient than a Nissan Leaf and, even though it has not yet undergone official EPA testing, the firm figures the eVLC has the makings to become the highest MPGe-rated vehicle ever. After the team won the X-Prize they hinted at developing similar vehicles that use “other power sources,” and it looks like they’re making good on that.” (source: Autoblog|Green)

See more pictures and read more about the electric Very Light Car: here and here.

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