Bedford County Schools Robotics Program

Robotics Course

STEM-based (science, technology, engineering, math) education is a growing focus within American schools. This year Bedford County high schools are joining the movement. The Robotics course at Bedford Science and Technology Center (BSTC) is the first of a two-year course sequence encouraging student interest in the real world application of science and technology and related careers.

The course will provide instruction in basic computer programming, electronics, motor control, and feedback systems used in assembly and manufacturing settings. In addition, students will learn how to program a microcontroller for robotic manipulation.

Students and parents are encouraged to contact their school guidance counselor for more information on registration details and additional information.

Bedford County Seeks Robotics/Engineering Instructor

As a part of this new STEM course offering Bedford County Schools is seeking a qualified ‘High School – Robotics/Engineering Instructor’ who will be directing student instruction for the Robotics/Engineering program. For more details on this job opening go to the Bedford County Public Schools website.

For additional inquiries about this new course please contact: Fred Conner


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