Future Focus EXPO 2012

6th Annual Future Focus EXPO coming Spring 2012

Our annual Future Focus EXPO draws hundreds of students and their parents each year to explore science and technology related career opportunities by connecting with local businesses and organizations in a trade-show format. We believe as students envision future career possibilities in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) they can begin to plan their steps and forge a path forward.

This critical work helping students in our local community envision a future in STEM careers deserves our utmost time and resources. Because of our dedication to this task we are rescheduling the 6th Annual Future Focus EXPO until Spring 2012 as we seek to bring on-board a full-time Managing Director for our Future Focus Foundation that exists to cultivate and expand all of our STEM youth programs – including the annual expo.

We also have received feedback about the Future Focus EXPO from many local educators and others who are involved in the planning and participation. From this feedback we found that conducting the Technology Challenges (that are featured at the expo) at the beginning of the school year is difficult for teachers, the current format and venue has some logistical and capacity issues, and that Spring just may be an easier time for everyone.

We continue to invite your feedback and look forward to collaborating with many of you. Thank you for your continued support of the Future Focus EXPO and our many STEM programs.

Stay tuned!

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